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  • How much do Gem Veranda parties cost?
    Gem Veranda offers different packages for hosted beading parties. Prices range from $20/child to $29/child. Each package includes a fully-hosted party complete with custom invitations, a "purse" for each child to take their jewlery home in, and a complementry gift for the birthday girl.
  • What is the minimum party size?
    For a fully-hosted party, the minimum number of guests is 8 children.
  • Will Gem Veranda come to my home?
    Aboslutely! Provided that you are in the Lower Mainland of BC. One of our Gem Veranda staff will be happy to come to host your party at your home or event hall.
  • Where can I host my Gem Veranda party?
    Currently Gem Veranda hosted parties are only available in BC's Lower Mainland (Vancouver to Chilliwack). If you live outside of this region, we encourage you to consider our DIY beading kits.
  • What if I live outside of the Lower Mainland BC?
    Gem Veranda offers Party-in-a-Box beading kits for parents who wish to host their own beading jewelry party. Each box comes with everything you need to host a beading jewerly party for your child and their friends - even custom invitations to help make your child's party extra special.
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