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Engaging your at-home children with hours of fun!

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With COVID-19 precautions keeping kids at home, it can be especially daunting to fill their long days.  Our beading kits combine fun, creative thinking and problem solving and are a great way to pass the time.


By purchasing a kit, you are helping the families of front-line workers. Thank you for participating with us giving these special folks a heart-felt thank you from all of us.


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Why Beading is so Good for Kids

If your family is new to beading, your kids are in for something special!  Play, experimentation, creativity and fun are just the beginning.


Your beading package is specifically designed to challenge your kids to come up with as many designs/patterns as they can.  They’ll be learning the skills of bead patterns and having lots of fun while doing it. As a parent you'll be gratified to know your children are using their senses and continue to learn as they engage in the joy of beading.


We’ve been working in the Greater Vancouver area for over 10 years and have worked with thousands of children teaching beading in schools, providing at-home kits and hosting beading parties for groups. We have a driving passion to help children connect to their creativity through the magical world of beading!


DIY Beading Kit Includes:

When it comes to helping your kids stay busy, we’ve looked after all of the details. Each package includes:


  • Selection of beautiful beads with unlimited design possibilities to complete 4 bracelets

  • Blush glass beads (keeping Mother's Day gift giving in mind!

  • 4 bracelet wires

  • 4 pre-selected charms (no customization)
  • Easy to follow on-line video & instructions

  • NOTE: You will need pliers to make loops to the wire to finish your bracelets. They are available for an extra $5.00

Pliers available for $5.00 extra


Makes a great Mother's Day Project!

  • Kids love making gifts for Mom.

  • Creativity is a joy, particularly when making something they know mom will cherish.

  • Bracelet keepsakes last a lifetime.

  • Your child can make a replica of the sample shown here or even better, come up with their own design.


(incl. shipping)

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